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Enemy From Space

By N. M.

Brian Donlevy is a stocky-built but mild mannered scientist engaged in interplanetary research for the British government. One night a near automobile accident induces him to drop his scicientific endeavors for a time and take up a much more important assignment. His mission: Uncover and leal with “forces so ugly and so terible they could destroy the earth.”

Trouble starts when Donlevy and one of his laboratory assistants drive by a plant which obviously has been Ibopied from Donlevy ‘s designed “moon plant.” The two get out to learn who is doing “moon atmospheric research,” but the assistant is injured oy a mysterious object and is carried off by masked armed guards who appear. Donlevy manages to escape, but then he is enraged to discover the authories will not listen to his story.

Only after he takes his case to Parliament does he get some satisfaction. He arranges to tour the mysterious plant with a member of the House of Commons, but is later horrified to discover the lawmaker has been slain. It takes a lot out of Donlevy to prove to the British authorities that the plant is not developing synthetic food as supposed, but is really producing hideous monsters who will inevitably destroy the civilized world.

A few less subplots would have helped “Enemy from Space.” Although there is a great deal of action in the picture, the screenplay lacks coherence and clarity. The script was written by Nigel Kneale and Val Guest. Guest also directed the science fiction film. The picture was produced by Anthony Hinds.

Running time, 84 minutes. General classification. Release, in September.


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